Tips for Finding a Good Cabin Rental

So you've decided you'll go for a cabin rental for your next family trip. But where do you start? With the large number of cabin rentals you'll find, you practically have a sea of choices to scan through. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming. Check out to get started.

To make your job of finding the right cabin rental easier, follow these tips:

Begin early.

For most people, vacation planning starts immediately after New Year's. Also, in a lot of the popular vacation destinations, there will be loyalists - people who'll want the same house for the same period every single year For the widest selection, begin even shortly before New Year's and and inquire about discounts for early birds. This discount can be as great as 10%, so don't think twice about asking.

Know what you want and need.

Need to bring you kitty? Ask if they allow pets. Plan to have some cookouts? Their grill should be in good shape. Yes, you should have a written contract that specifies all these details and more, especially a name and phone number you can call when something goes wrong. 

If it pays to wait, wait.

This may seem like the antithesis to the first tip, but in very popular destinations, supply outweighs demand. That's why the closer you get to the high season, the more owners and agents will be scrambling to fill their houses.
If your vacation dates and amenity requirements are flexible, you can make some good savings if you search for a cabin rental at the last minute. Just don't get attached to a certain property, and keep in mind that this is a game of risk against reward. For more info, visit

Examine the fine print.

Before committing yourself to a cabin rental, know what it involves. Look into the nitty-gritty of their terms and conditions, and never assume anything. Do they provide the furnishings? Transportation? Cleaning services? Insurance? What are your obligations? Whatever other details you're concerned about, ask the agent or owner. An unwanted surprise hardly fits into most people's picture of a vacation.

A lot cabin rental sites feature reviews and feedback from past guests. Spend time to read a few. Don't forget that a cabin rental is far from booking a hotel room - you have a binding contract between you and the owner. You can't just terminate your plans and the contract and get your complete refund. There are times when you'll have to wait from weeks to a month. So don't think you're being too fussy when you have nagging questions in your head. That's just how it goes.
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